Hylomar Universal Blue

Hylomar Universal Blue is a high performance, non-setting gasket and jointing compound.

Hylomar M

Hylomar M (Light, Medium, Heavy) is a highly engineered, non-setting and non-hardening jointing compound.

Hylomar Advanced Formulation

Hylomar Advanced Formulation is a solvent free non-setting and nonhardening compound which is ideal for sealing joints. It can also be used as a gasket dressing. It will enhance the sealing capability of all types of gaskets. 

Hylo Clean

Hyloclean is a specially blended fluid that is highly effective at removing used Hylomar jointing compound from disassembled joint surfaces. The unique mix of solvents also make it perfect for cleaning and degreasing surfaces prior to use with any of Hylomar’s range of adhesive and sealants. Hyloclean is also very effective at removing uncured anaerobic, uncured silicone and uncured epoxy products.

Hylomar Spezial

Hylomar Spezial is a solvent free non-setting and non-hardening sealant which is ideal for sealing joints against moisture ingress thus eliminating joint corrosion. It also acts as a form in place gasket which stops the leakage of fluids from within a joint.